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Booker’s Kitchen Table 2018-04 Small Batch Collection

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Beverage type: Bourbon Whiskey
Alcohol Level:64%
Bottle size: 750ml bottle Single
Product Origin: Kentucky
Expert Rating: 90

Booker’s Kitchen Table 2018-04 Small Batch Collection: Depth, intensity, bold, big flavors, these are the sentiments that comprise Booker’s True Barrel Bourbon philosophy. Meticulously crafted, aged patiently, and then bottled uncut and unfiltered, it’s no surprise that Booker’s true-barrel, small-batch bourbons have garnered cult status amongst purists and bourbon fanatics across the globe. With a magnitude of releases that all ooze charisma and brazen intensity, Booker’s is not for the faint-hearted and is designed to be enjoyed by true lovers of exceptional true-barrel bourbon.
Sitting at the kitchen table of most any home is a place intricate to any family household. An old oak table with homework laid out hither and thither, a glass of milk and a plate with meltingly tempting grill cheese awaiting greedy fingers all the while the scent of baked goods fills the room as sunlight bounces of gleaming linoleum checkered counters. Booker’s Small Batch Collection 2018-04 Kitchen Table straight bourbon serves up this memory of home in a way you’ll sit back and savor, all the while hoping someone (anyone?) brings you a plate of homemade grill cheese … the aroma is awash with sweet notes of baked brown sugar pastries coated in shavings of cinnamon with hues of butterscotch ripple, cocoa, and dark fruits. The mouth writhes in pleasure with the taste of roasted peanuts frosted in cinnamon sugar, dark fruits served with a cup of hot cocoa and dashed with cut leather and black pepper. Booker’s Small Batch Collection 2018-04 Kitchen Table straight bourbon is a glassful of childhood memories warmly welcoming you home from the very first sip.

2 reviews for Booker’s Kitchen Table 2018-04 Small Batch Collection

  1. Zoran (verified owner)

    qualityliquorshop is a great company providing outstanding service. I’ve placed several orders, and while most have arrived in a timely manner without incident, there have been a couple where customer service needed to step in to help. In both occasions they sorted the problem within 24 hours. Then followed up with me to make sure my bottles were well received. You can trust qualityliquorshop to provide the bottles and service you’re hoping for.

  2. Jason Mullen (verified owner)

    I ordered the products I wanted and received it very quickly after! Great customer service!

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